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Can I use the materials on this site outside Genseipedia?[edit]

Yes, you may link to or quote the articles here, as well as you can copy the text to your own homepage, print it out, distribute it etc.

What information should I put in the summary, after an edit?[edit]

Write just a few words describing your work, so others may get an idea of what you did.

How can I use files in articles?[edit]

Just link to the file name. The edit toolbar can generate the code for you, but you have to add the filename.

How do I link to an image without showing it?[edit]

Use [[:File:Dojo-kun kanji.gif]]. That shows up as: File:Dojo-kun kanji.gif

How do I put a page / image into a category?[edit]

To add a file or page to category "WhatEver", add the following link to the page (respect the file's description or content of the page): [[Category:WhatEver]]. This is a "magic" link, which will a) appear in the category box at the bottom of the page and b) cause the file to show up in the category.

How can I upload a new version of a file?[edit]

Have the new version of the file saved to your computer. Go to the image page. Under "File history", there is a link that says "Upload a new version of this file". Click on that link and then browse and find saved file. For the summary, you should put something like "hi-res version" or "removed background noise" or "fixed colour balance" - just one line is enough to say what changes you are making. Then click "Upload file". You will get the warning that you are replacing an existing file, but since that is what you want to do, you should continue. Avoid overwriting images with different images of the same topic.

How can I discover what pages link to my file?[edit]

The "File links" section will automatically list any pages on Genseipedia that display your images.

What is an administrator and how do I become one?[edit]

See Administrators.

Where can I ask questions?[edit]

See the Help desk.

What should I do if a page or file needs deleting?[edit]

See Requests.