Japan Karate-do Federation

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The Japan Karate-do Federation - also known as the All Japan Karate-do Federation or FAJKO (Federation All Japan Karate-do Organisations) - was established in 1964 to organize the Japanese Karate-do. As years passed by, the JKF as it is called internationally for short joined the Japan Amateur Sports Association and the National Athletic Meet. By doing so the recognition of JKF increased.


  • 1964 - The JKF was founded
  • 1969 - The foundation was approved by the Ministery of Education.
    The first All Japan Charted Contest was held at Budokan.
  • 1972 - JKF joined the Japan Physical Education Association
  • 1979 - The JKF participated in National Sports Tournament demonstrations at Miyazaki.
  • 1981 - Karate-do made an official part of the National Sport Tournament at Shiga.
  • 1999 - The JKF had official group of WKF.