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Willem S. Varenkamp, born 4th July 1958, residing in Holland. He is married and has two children.

Starting Training[edit]

In 1987 Willem Varenkamp joined the KLM Karate Club in which the instructor Nobuaki Konno claimed to be a teacher and 6th dan black belt of Genseiryu. Unaware that these claims were false, Willem Varenkamp practiced karate under the guidance of Nobuaki Konno from 1987-1997. Willem Varenkamp discontinued the relationship with Nobuaki Konno due to serious disagreements between the two.

  • Awarded the rank of 3rd Dan from Nobuaki Konno on 7 July 1997.
  • Awarded the rank of 2nd Dan from Nobuaki Konno on 30 June 1994.
  • Awarded the rank of 1st Dan from Nobuaki Konno on 23 December 1991.

Relations to Genseiryu[edit]

In 2000 Willem Varenkamp contacted Peter Lee sensei using e-mail in order to gain correct and verified information about Genseiryu. Willem Varenkamp later invited Peter Lee to Holland from 15-16 December 2000 and again from 23-25 November 2001 with the purpose of teaching Genseiryu to Willem Varenkamp and his students. Willem Varenkamp also went to Denmark joining two seminars hosted by Genseiryu Karate-do Denmark from 9-10 November 2002 and from 20-21 November 2004.

Master Camp 2005 (Denmark)[edit]

Kunihiko Tosa shihan visited Denmark for a length of 10 days in September 2005 in order to teach the students of Genseiryu in Denmark, as well as holding examinations. Willem Varenkamp requested permission from Peter Lee to join the training from 23-25 September in order to have a meeting with Kunihiko Tosa shihan and of course a chance to learn directly from the master himself. The first official meeting between Willem Varenkamp and Kunihiko Tosa Shihan was attended by Kunihiko Tosa, Peter Lee, Willem Varenkamp and an interpreter on 24 September 2005.

Karate Clubs[edit]

In Amstelveen (district Westwijk, Holland, Willem Varenkamp opened his first Dojo called "Karate-do Westwijk" in 1995. This karate club used several names in the past, but eventually it was called Karate-do Westwijk. In 1998, Willem Varenkamp opened his second Dojo called Westend in which young students aged 8-13 years of age are training. Students above the age of 13 are not admitted into this Dojo.