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Translated from Japanese Jin (also sometimes spelled as Hito) means person. Jin is a part of a triangle proportion heaven (ten), person (hito) and earth (chi).

The kata Jin-i[edit]

Jin-i no kata is a kata, which was used as basic kata during the experimental period of Genseiryu. To mature the style of Genseiryu, it was decided to discard the kata, together with Ten-i and Chi-i. These three kata eventually were 'reformed' as hokei according to Taido standards, and jinsei no hokei was created which was more suited to the initial principles of body movements. Certain techniques of the ten-i, chi-i and jin-i can be seen in tensei, chisei and jinsei no hokei.

Nowadays one can see its varieties by styles derivated from Genseiryu, like Ryounkai, Genwakai and Seidokai.

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