Kiyohiko Tosa

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Kiyohiko Tosa


Danish only, Kiyohiko Tosa (interview med en ung kriger) from 2001.

Exhibition in Jeddah[edit]

An exhibition performed by, among others, Kiyohiko Tosa (the big guy in the video) from 16 December 2012 was held in conjunction with a training camp (Gasshuku) held 14-18 December 2012 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The training camp was arranged by the "Saudi Arabia Karate Federation". Quote from the video's description on YouTube: Japanese Karate Experts Hideto Tsuchiya and Kiyohiko Tosa giving a Karate demonstration on 16/12/12 at the residence of Japanese Consul General Jun Yoshida in Jeddah.