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This Language policy contains guidelines that must be followed.


The base language as well as the default language of Genseipedia is English. However, if you have created an account, you can change the interface language in your Preferences. Doing so, will change the displayed language used for menus etc., but will not change or translate the language of content pages.


Genseipedia is an English encyclopedia, meaning that only content written in English is allowed here. No new pages are allowed to be created in any other language.


Because Genseipedia also functions as an archive for members of the Genseiryu Karate-do International Federation (Denmark branch), pages in Danish are allowed to be created and exist alongside the English pages. When creating and editing pages, you should simply ignore this fact as it would not in practice pose any concerns whatsoever. In the rare situation, that two pages in English and Danish are in conflict, a language menu (template) can be added to the top of the pages. Navigation between the two languages would then be simple and easy. The English language page will always be the default if both English and Danish pages exist with the same title (see structure below for more details).


All pages created in Genseipedia must follow this structure:

  • Pagetitle, pages in English. The language code /en is NEVER used. This is the default.
  • Pagetitle/da, pages in Danish. The language code is added only if a conflict with an English page exist. If a page in Danish already exist, but you want to create a new page in English, with the same title as the page in Danish, you must first move the Danish page by adding /da to the end of the title. After the move, you simply create your English page in the default way and add the language template (see template below for more details). If you do not have permissions (i.e. if you have not yet created an account or if you are a new user), you may simply create your new page using a temporary title such as 'Pagetitle/temp'. An administrator will then be quick to notice your newly created page and do the necessary moving of pages to make sure, that your new English page is put in its right place at 'Pagetitle' and that the Danish page is moved as well to 'Pagetitle/da'.
  • No other languages are allowed. Pages in other languages will be permanently deleted.


English pages should never be included in a language specific category i.e. called English. However, Danish pages must be added to the Danish category in order to easily identify them.


The language template can be included with any page in order to make it easy to instantly know if an English page is also available in Danish. This template should only be added to pages that has been confirmed to exist in both English and Danish versions. If an English page exist, but the equivalent in Danish does not, or if a Danish page exist, but the English equivalent does not, then the language template is never added to either pages. The language template automatically creates direct links to any subpages such as 'Pagetitle' (English page) and 'Pagetitle/da' (Danish page). You simply add {{languages}} to the top left of the page(s), and a language bar with links to both pages in different languages is automatically created after you save the page. An example of this can be seen in the Genseiryu page.