Shin Karate-do Kyohan

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Shin Karate-do Kyohan (新空手道教範, Shin Karate-do Kyohan), is the first book ever written by Seiken Shukumine, published in 1964. The title literally means: New Karate-do Master Text. This book is written on the subject of Ko-ryu Karate-do, which is referred to as Old-style or Old-tradition Karate-do. In this book, Seiken Shukumine no doubt portrayed a lot of the techniques, which he learned from his own masters Anko Sadoyama and Soko Kishimoto. This book does not depict anything on Genseiryu in particular.

The book is writing about how Seiken Shukumine's perspective was on Karate in general. Seiken Shukumine also referred many times to Ko-ryu, which means something like "Old style/school". Curiously, this publication does not contain the name Genseiryu. The name Genseiryu was not used in the book.

Contents, Kata[edit]

The Katas depicted in the book and in some cases also explained through text are these:

Furthermore, some other techniques and executions are also depicted in the book, such as stances, blocks, etc.

Nowadays it is very difficult to get your hands on one.